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Overwatch Anti Decay

Our team will help you prevent Overwatch Decay and keep your rating, most likely you will gain some on top. We guarantee you will not be under the rating we started on.

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Overwatch Anti Decay

Overwatch Anti Decay requirements :

Level 25

Finished placement games

Overwatch rating over 3000 (after 3000 accounts start decaying )

Q: I don’t match one of the requirements, what should I do?
A: If you are not eligible for ranked games due to being under the level 25 requirement, or if you have not finished your placement matches please take care of this immediately. You can go to our Overwatch levelingOverwatch placement games tabs and let us take care of that fast.  IF you are under 3000 SR , you can order our Overwatch SR Boosting Service to get you on your desired rating. Also, for Overwatch anti decay you must have an active Overwatch account.

Q: What is Overwatch anti decay boost ?
A: Since Blizzard implemented changes in season 4, you must play 7 competitive games per week, otherwise your rating will start to decay; our anti-decay service prevents this. In addition, there is an option to order a certain amount of games. There are two options for this, either you can play with our team, or we can play your account. Be aware that you should order Overwatch anti decay boost at least 48 hours before your rank decay starts.

Q: How does Overwatch anti decay order works?
A: You need to order at least 48 hours in advance, so we can organize a booster/team for your account to ensure your account will not decay. Please note that this service is only for preventing decay, not for winning matches. Therein, we cannot promise you wins, and we can not assure that you will keep your current competitive rank. However, if we hit a higher rank than your original one we shall consider the Overwatch anti decay boosting order finished.

Q: How do you manage time for an Overwatch anti decay duo order?
A: We have a variety of timeslots available, so there should not be an issue with sorting out a time that suits you. You must inform us about which time best suits you over Live-chat, Discord or Skype.

Q: Why must I choose at least meta 3 heroes for specific hero Overwatch anti decay order?
A: As you know, games cannot be carried by every hero, and some heroes get instantly locked, so we can’t guarantee that we will play only one hero. In addition, we cannot play off-meta heroes on every map because it may make other teammates tilt and throw, making the game unwinnable.

Q: I ordered streaming Overwatch anti decay boost, where I can watch it?
A: You will be notified when the streaming starts, and we will provide you with the link where you can watch it live, however, we will try to stream in a time that suits you, if we can’t achieve an agreeable time, you can always watch VOD if you agree to this.

Q: Who will be assigned to my account for OW anti decay boosting?
A: We employ our most professional players for your Overwatch anti decay boost. However, if you already have ordered from our website before, and you liked the previous booster you were working with, we will assign him/her on your demand for your OW anti decay order.

Q: When will you start working OW anti decay boosting on my account?
A: As soon as we receive your order we will check the availability of our boosters and will notify you with an ETA; most of the OW orders don’t take more than 48 hours. However, this time will depend on if a booster for Overwatch is available and the size of the order.

Q: Is my account safe?
A: Your account is absolutely safe with us, as previously mentioned in the “About Us” tab, we are a group of long-term friends and dedicated gamers. We have never and will never use any third party software, meaning scripts or hacks. However, we must mention that account sharing may be against the company’s terms of service. Therein, there is a minor risk of repercussions from boosting your account. However, in our 12 years of gaming we have never had a problem with this, nor have we heard about anyone receiving punishment for boosting. So you can rest assured that everything will be fine after your Overwatch order is done.

Q: How will I know when my Overwatch anti decay boost is finished?
A: We will notify you as soon as the order of your Overwatch anti decay order is done via email /skype /discord.

Q: I have other question unanswered about Overwatch boost, where I can contact you?
A: You can write to us on Live chat, Skype, Discord or Email. Whatever you prefer, and we will answer you as soon as we receive your questions.

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