Battlerite accounts

We are offering high ranked Battlerite accounts. Accounts are either made by our boosters in free time or it’s from our boosters / friends. So you are 100% safe with any account we offer.

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Battlerite accounts

Q: What is the origin of accounts you offer ?

A: We offer fresh ( smurf ) accounts that our boosters making just for sale when they have spare time. And from time to time we offer some accounts of our boosters or friends who decide to quit the game. Fresh accounts have one champion unlocked and all the boxes gained during leveling and ranking are unopened.

Q: Once i buy battlerite account, when will you deliver ?

A: Most likely we will deliver immediately upon purchase. Ask us on live chat / skype / discord, and we will confirm exact time when we can deliver.

Q: Do i get full info when i buy battlerite account ?

A: Yes you will get full info and you can change it to your desired email. For fresh accounts, you get even full access to the email.

Q: Am i safe to buy battlerite account ?

A: You are absolutely safe purchasing any account we offer, all the accounts are 100% handmade played. No cheats / exploits or hacks are ever used. The fresh battlerite accounts are basically made and played only for sale so there is no friend list and no one knows who played on it.

Q: Can i buy custom smurf battlerite account , like ordering specific champ played and rank ?

A: Let us know on our live chat / skype / discord and we will see if you can make your custom account as you desire. Most likely we will be able to make it. Otherwise, you can check our Battlerite rank boosting ,and Battlerite placement boost to increase rank on your main account.

Q: I have unanswered questions about battlerite accounts, where i can learn more about it ?

A: You can always contact us on our live chat , skype or discord and we ill answer as soon as we can, and provide detailed info about any battlerite account.

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Battlerite accounts


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