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What service should I order?

  • Depending on your personal needs and the game, you should choose what best suits you.However, if you have any confusion/ doubt with which service you should chose, let us help you decide. You can do this by contacting us on our Live chat, Skype, Discord email etc.

Can I get a discount ?

  • Yes, it is possible to receive a discount on purchases. To be eligible for these discounts all you need to do is check our forums, social media etc. There will be the possibility of a discount ranging from 1%-10%. Moreover, if you share marketing promotions you can also be eligible for an additional discount. Failing this, you can always contact live chat and see if there are any possible coupons for your purchase.

When will you process my order ?

  • As soon as you have completed payment, we will check for availability of our people, and we will contact you with an approximate time by which the order will be completed.

Can I play on my account while the order is active?

  • It is preferable not to play your account until the order is complete, as it will be safer for your account if you do not have two different IPs logged onto your account is quick succession. As previously stated your safety is our primary concern, therefore we do not want to compromise your account.  However, if you do decide to play while the order is active, you should not interfere with the game our team were playing. For example, if you order a rating boost you should not then play ranked games and undo our progress, but you can play other areas of the game like casual mode or quickplay.

When should I expect my order to be done?

  • The order will be carried out and executed as fast as possible, although most of the orders don’t take more than 24 hours, but it all depend on how many active orders we have at the time. However, if the order is large, or is hard to complete expect a longer waiting time. If you have any questions about how long a boost will take feel free to ask your assigned booster about how long they think it will take to complete the task.

Who will play on my account?

  • Everyone in our team is dedicated gamer, with a breadth of experience, and a track record of finished orders in his/her’s service area. Depending on game and service you order, we will assign the best person at our disposal for your service.

Is my account and info safe?

  • Your account is 100% safe as everyone in our team is trusted and we do not hire random people over the internet. Everyone in our team is either in our core team, or they are recommended by people in our team. Therefore, we all trust one another with your account and your account will never be trusted with a stranger. Most gaming companies are against account sharing, but from our experience we have never witnessed an account be banned or penalised. That being said, there is a slim chance that there may be repercussions for account sharing, although this scenario is unlikely.

Is my payment info safe?

  • Your payment information is totally safe with us, because all transactions are processed via PayPal, and PayPal has their own encryption system, so your money is protected by one of biggest payment companies on the planet.

Can I get a refund?

  • You may be eligible to receive a refund for services that are not completed yet on your account, all you have to do is ask us on email/ Live Chat/Skype /Discord. Therefore, if we have already begun work on your order we charge for the part of work we worked on, and we will return the rest of the money.

How will I know when my order is finished?

  • We will notify you as soon as the order is done, you can also ask anytime about the progress of your order, and the approximate time that we will finish.

What should I do after my order is finished ?

  • After we finished your order you can enter your account and enjoy the game and the rewards of the boost!
  • We would appreciate if you give us feedback/review, and share our website with friends, family, on social media etc.
  • Feel to free to ask any game related questions, or just say “hello”, we are always glad to talk to customers again.